Special thanks to the following musicians who are precious advisers in contributing enormous expertise, towards the development of sound in the Koide Cymbal range.

Roby Corelli

Roby Corelli / Freelance / Drumology

Based in Australia (Melbourne). Roby plays: 703 series/10J series/808 series/609 series.

From major label contracts, to toughing it out on the road Roby, who, after graduating from VCA worked across styles, playing reggae, blues, jazz and exploring electronics. Roby is an in-demand drummer around town which has led him to become one amongst a growing number of respected Australian drummers, also an ambassador for Yamaha drums and now Koide cymbals in Japan.

Through his work as a revered drum clinicians, he has traveled the world exploring and sharing new ideas - inspiring other drummers to new heights. Roby has been diligent in encouraging drummers to ‘do your own thing’ for many years and has published two unique drum books: Phantom Groove - a collection of tools and methods aimed at helping drummers unlock and enhance their own unique sound and technique, Drumming Steps - a progressive book for beginners to advanced level drummers.

Roby has performed with...
The Gaia Band, Bob Thorne and The Blues Bus, Prodosonic, Ian Hern, Dry, Rhonda Burchmore, The Drifters, Guy Sebastian, Normie Rowe, John Forman, Enza Pentano, Rae Valera, Jeff Duff, Kelly Auty, Mick Pealing, Bobby Bright, Denise Drysdale, Johnny Young, Peter Couples, Jimmy Couples, Max Merritt, Andrew Harrison Quartet, Justin Connor and The Soul Passengers, Steve Boyd Revue, Miss Dorothy, Relax With Max, Reverend Funk, Red Rivers, Grand Wazoo, Soul Sushi, Connor-Ryall and Corelli, Deep Blue Day... and many more

Roby’s books can be found at: www.charismapublishing.com

The advice of retailers is also greatly appreciated in the search for new and specific sounds in developing new tones.

Special thanks to…

Komaki Music Drum City Shop Manager Mr Kenji Nishio
Komaki Music Drum City have worked together with Koide Cymbals right from the beginning with an abundance of valuable advice.
Drum Shop ACT Mr Fujio Okamoto, Mr Nobuya Tanase, Ms Etsuko Nakanishi, Mr Tensei Nakao
The ACT Drum Shop is also in Osaka and have added a valuable voice to the Koide Cymbal evolution.